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Water Harvesting

water harvesting system


Collect Rainwater with a Water Harvesting System

Are you wanting to conserve and reuse the precious rainwater of Arizona’s dry desert climate? Rainwater harvesting is an eco-friendly solution to your plant watering needs! 


With a water harvesting system, you can passively collect rainwater (via gutters) as it falls off the roof of your home, thereby supplementing your water supply with nitrogen-dense rainwater that provides many natural benefits to your plants.

The amount of rain water that can be harvested is determined by the square footage of your roof, the size of your rain tank, and the amount of rainfall in a given year. 


After an initial consultation and an inspection of your roof, we will build and install the structure. Depending on its size, we will build the structure at the nursery or at your residence. In total, the process typically takes between 7-10 days, from consultation to installation. 


Please call for pricing or to schedule a consultation today!

how it works

How it works