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About the nursery

Founded in 1959, Silverbell Nursery has been serving Tucson for 60 years, making it the second-oldest plant nursery in the city. Since the beginning, Silverbell Nursery has been family-owned and operated, and has been committed to supporting other small businesses in the region. As such, all of the plants you will see on our 1.5 acres have been sourced by local growers whenever possible. We also carry a variety of organic offerings throughout the nursery, and strive to offer only organic fertilizers and treatments to common pest problems.

the owners

About the owners

The Stryker family purchased the nursery from its original owners in 1986, and the family has been running the business ever since. Driven by his passion for plants and landscape design, Frank and his sons have managed the nursery for several decades, establishing the business as one of Tucson’s most respected plant nurseries. Frank has been a fixture in the green community since the ‘80s, serving as one of the founding members of the annual Desert Horticulture Conference.

Father and daughter who own Silverbell nursery & co

tucson roots

Tucson Roots

Recently, inspired by her own vision for the nursery, his daughter Blaire took over the day-to-day operations of Silverbell Nursery and has been the driving force behind the nursery’s recent revitalization. Blaire worked for many years as a nurse taking care of the Tucson community. After a serendipitous trip to Waco, Texas to visit the Magnolia Silos, Blaire was inspired to create something of her own for her community back in Tucson. She envisioned not only a plant nursery and gift shop, but also a space where the community could come to gather for various family-friendly and professional events. Blaire’s roots run deep in Tucson’s west side, and she hopes that the nursery becomes a destination in the beloved community where she grew up.

Blaire continues to work to expand the nursery's offerings and create a charming desert oasis in west Tucson. As the business grows, Blaire wants to ensure that it never loses its “mom and pop” feel, and that it continues to stay true to its values: providing quality, eco-friendly products while supporting the small business community.