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Established in 1959,

Silverbell Nursery is a family owned and operated company that strives to provide quality customer service, dependable products, and knowledgeable staff.

Creative expertise in desert landscaping of the southwest.

Rain Harvesters and Rain Catchers!

Paying too much to water your plants with the extreme desert sun, cut back your cost by installing a rain harvesting system to cash in on the rain.

Living Desert Designs

Landscaping services that provides everything needed to make your yard as beautiful as your home.

Mesquite firewood for any occasion.

We carry all different sizes so if you are going up the mountain for a weekend camping trip, or heating your house all winter long stop in and pick up just the amount you need.

Happy, Healthy Pets!

Keep those tails wagging and come on by to pick up the top of the line Dog & Cat food. Taste of the Wild and Victor grain-free food will keep your pets happy and healthy.